Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reading Tuesday

Well we are back in the swing of things. Of course this is the time of year for snow, so who knows how many days in a row we will be going to school the next few weeks. We had a snow day last Friday, and we were off yesterday for MLK day. They are calling for flurries tonight, that could potentially mean a delay or snow day tomorrow. It kind of makes my plans all over the place. It raises one of the hardest questions I have as a teacher. Do I follow my plan as is, no matter what days we have missed, or do I skip what we miss. With math it is fairly easy to decide we just do the next lesson no matter how many days we have missed. With reading it seems more complicated. Do we continue with a story even if it takes three weeks to finish or do we stick with the curriculum map and start a new story every week even if we didn't finish the last one? So what do you do in your classroom? Do you hate writing plans for the winter time? Or are you just really jealous because you never get snow days?! I want to hear from you on how you handle this time of year!

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