Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reading Tuesday

Okay so this was suppose to post yesterday and it didn't for some reason. Oh well, because I don't really have anything for math today! Sorry! Here is Reading Tuesday's post:

My kids are really struggling with sentences. So we are starting over. We are learning all the parts of a sentence over again. This week we have talked about capital letters, periods, and naming parts. We created an anchor chart together (and color coded it). Then we used our color coding to do some practice. I printed the anchor chart off and it is hanging in the room, plus it is on my SMART board so I can pull it up and add to it when we go over the telling part! I am putting a picture of the chart here. If you would like the digital copy and have SMART notebook just leave me a comment with your email and it is yours!

How do you teach your kids sentences?


Sarag Botello said...

what is the name of the font you used?

Sarag Botello said...

what is the name of the dotted font you used? I love it!

Markeeta said...

LD Circles. It is free and I found it through google!

Sarag Botello said...

Thank you, I found it as Scrap Circles through google also =)