Friday, January 13, 2012

Clutter Free Classroom Project Week 2

I am participating in the Clutter Free Classroom Project. You should check it out and join up with me.
This weeks challenge is to create a plan. After snapping pictures for last week, I decided that I would focus on two areas of my room. My small group area and my art center. I think the big problem for both of these are their locations. My small group area is as soon as you walk in the door, which makes it a dumping area. My art center is on a shelf with other literacy centers, it doesn't get a lot of space. 
My plan:
1. Clean out the art center. Get  rid of markers that don't work, paper that has been used and put back.
2. Go through every thing in the art center and decide what materials I have, what materials I am out of, and what materials just aren't getting used. 
3. My materials will go into one of three boxes: 1. Keep for the art center, 2. Donate to the art teacher, and 3. TRASH!!!
4. Then I will be moving the art center to a new area, where it can have more space and a better area for the students to work.

1. Clean off my small group table.
2. Go through all my small group games and materials.
3. Go through my drawer organizer and clean out all the stuff that has just been crammed in there!
4. These materials will go into one of three boxes: 1. Keep, 2. Donate to the teachers lounge, 3. TRASH!!!
5. Then I am moving the small group area away from the door so that it will quit being a catch all!

I am excited, and may take Monday (a holiday) to go and get some stuff done in the room!

I can't wait to see what every ones plans are! Good luck!


Becky said...

My small group area is by my door too and it ends up collecting a lot of paper everyday! I think moving it is a great idea.

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Living a Wonderful Life said...

Looks like you have a great plan! I wish I could go up to my room on breaks/holidays!

Living A Wonderful Life