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I am the mother to two wonderful children. C is 5 and has severe autism and seizure disorder. E is 4 and has I want to mother everyone disorder. I have been married 7 years and teaching 9. We have a pet dog named Cooper and a service dog named Happy for C.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Making a Move

So as great as this blog has been I just haven't stuck with it the way I wanted to. I always try to make these plans then they fall through. It is connected to a google account I just don't use anymore and I rarely log in to. I feel like it should be teacher driven and I just don't have enough to post on teaching more than once a week. SOOOOOO I am making a move! I have started another blog called Plan It, Stick It, Do It and I will be blogging there from now on! This blog is dedicated to all the things in my life I love. My faith, my family, autism awareness, my Jamberry business, planning, improving my home, and teaching! If you want to join me there I would love to have you! You can follow the link below! Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Why Jamberry?

So a little over a year ago I started selling Jamberry to supplement our income. We needed extra money for C's therapy cost.

I knew that direct sales was something I could do but I hated the idea of pushing a product on my friends just for the money. I was invited to an online Jamberry party by a friend and purchased a sheet of the Autism Awareness wraps, just to try while also supporting two great causes, my friends hostess rewards and the ASA. 
This was my second application using these wraps.
I tried them and it took me FOREVER to get them on, BUT they last two weeks. My nails never lasted two weeks unless I had acrylics on. I was impressed. My friends were in love. I had all kinds of people asking about my wraps, SOOOOOOO......... I realized this is what I could do. I was in LOVE with the product and getting faster each time I put them on, down to about twenty minutes now.

I joined and the rest has been amazing. I am able to help my family, always have perfect nails, and I have made great friends. This past July I was able to attend International Conference in Dallas. I met so many great people and had a blast. It was great. I learned a lot about business and myself. 
I am proud to stand behind a product that works and a company that supports charities that mean so much to me.Starting with the Autism Society of America all year and right now for the month of December supporting Now I Can. Check out this video to find out more:

These wraps are amazing and will be getting some myself plus some for my little one. She loves getting her nails done too.

So if you want to know more, learn about specials that happen, have a chance to enter contests, or just learn more come follow me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/markeetanails 

Until later have a Merry Christmas...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Teaching With Intention Ch. 2

Well it is Wednesday and time for the next Chapter in the Teaching With Intention book study. Remember this study was put together by Kindergarten Smorgasboard ! This weeks hosts are:
Question 1
What are your beliefs about teaching and learning?
  • The environment must be appropriate for learning. The students have to feel comfortable, not feel overwhelmed, and feel as though it is their classroom.
  • Planning is essential for learning to occur. If you don't have a plan with an end in mind then you will get lost, if you are lost, the kids are lost!
  • Lessons should happen in three phases, modeling by the teacher, practice with the teacher, and practice independently (or with a small group)
  • Lessons should be based on student needs. A teacher should not move on when students are not ready just because the manual says next lesson please!
Question 2
How do you build a sense of community in your classroom?
Community is built by getting all students to buy in. In my classroom each I begin the year by having students bring in family photos, which we display all over the room. We are all family and that room is our home, homes have family photos!! Then I have a set of jobs and each child is given a job (this rotates). The jobs given them a sense of ownership in the room. We also sit at tables and do most of our work in small groups. The students are encouraged to help each other and work together.
Question 3
How do you go about teaching kids something new?
I try to teach my lessons in a similar format each time so that the kids have a routine they can count on. We begin each lesson with a quick review/recap of the day before. This could be a question, statement, or activity, but always short. Then we move into the hook for our new skill/concept. I have done all kinds of different things. One of my kids favorites is when I make a youtube playlist of videos on our new topic (they are very short clips) and the students guess what it is!! After a discussion, I model our new skill, then our whole class works together in a similar activity. After that the students complete an activity on their own or in small group.
There were a couple of lines in this chapter that really stood out to me that I wanted to share!!!
1. But for all their pomp, it's hard to imagine the circumstance where prepackaged programs and scripts teach children better than we do.
Miller, Debbie (2008-08-13). Teaching with Intention (Kindle Locations 253-254). Stenhouse Publishers - A. Kindle Edition.
We sure do get a lot of STUFF when we adopt book programs, but they don't hold all the answers. They are ONE tool to use, never let a program tell you how to teach!!!!!
2. So intently was I listening for thinking that mirrored my own that I'd forgotten the importance of listening to what kids have to say. I barely heard them because I was so determined to lead them to my way of thinking.
Miller, Debbie (2008-08-13). Teaching with Intention (Kindle Locations 271-273). Stenhouse Publishers - A. Kindle Edition.
I have been guilty of this a lot. I know the answer and only listen for that. All to often they are giving us a GREAT answer, and we aren't listening to hear it!!!
That is it! See you next week for Chapter 3!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Teaching with Intention Ch. 1

I have decided to participate in the Teaching with Intention book study over the summer. It kicks off today with Ch. 1. Each week there will be a different chapter hosted by 3 different bloggers, the whole thing is being coordinated by Kindergarten Smorgasboard

This week is being hosted by

Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

Primary Possibilities

 Enchanted Kindergarten

So hop on over to their blogs and join in!!!

Chapter one is all about the ideal classroom. Read below to find out about mine!!!!
 It has taken me years to figure this one out. Each year I feel like I learn a little more about myself and the student population I teach. My son also plays a huge role in what I think a classroom should look like. I like for a classroom to have consistency. I prefer rooms that use one or two colors throughout. I think this cuts down on the distraction level and makes the room look cleaner. I also feel like an ideal classroom is very organized but in a child friendly sort of way. Things should be labeled and if materials are for student use they should be within student reach. All furniture should be low, so that it can be seen over and is easily reached. An ideal classroom always has a steady hum of sound. The students are working and talking about their learning. The teacher and students are engaged in conversation. It will always feel warm and welcoming to anyone that comes in.
 The students and teachers are learning. In an ideal classroom the teacher is learning from the students just as they learn from her/him. There is always conversations and discussions happening between teacher and students, as well as, students with other students. Everyone in the room is actively participating in learning. The students all have an understanding of expectations and consequences. They are engaged and full of enjoyment.
 I have a red/black themed room I understand that having everything color coded can get expensive, so I work on it a little each year. My classroom is very organized and structured. Expectations are clear and students all understand they are part of the family with responsibilities in the classroom. I use only low furniture so that it can be used anywhere in the classroom. The majority of our day is spent in small group work where students work together and with me.
The sound. I tend to be easily distracted by conversations (as in I hear all conversations happening around me, and don't focus on the one I am in!) I want my students constantly engaged and working together, but I have to be careful that it is not a distraction for me and the students that are like me!

See you next Wednesday for Chapter 2!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's Okay to Grieve

I love my children more than anything in the world, both of them. Let's be real for a minute that boys have a special place in their momma's hearts, my boy is no different. He is a momma's boy, I am  wrapped around his finger!!

There are some truths about that boy of mine.

He was born in 2010, and is 5 years old.

He spent 3 days in the hospital because he was jaundice.

He was a fussy baby, cried a LOT, only slept in the car, and wanted to be held all the time.

He did not hit his milestones like everyone else.

He laughs a LOT (not always appropriately!)

He smiles all the time.

He has lots of words now, but doesn't use them all appropriately.

He can say his ABC's and count to 20 (just not when you ask him to)

He is the light of my life.

But he struggles with a lot. He struggles to communicate, he struggles with focus, he struggles with needing constant stimulation, he struggles to understand.

My little man has made big gains in his life so don't get me wrong with what I am about to say.

When you get the diagnosis of autism, some people tell you  that it is okay to grieve, that it is normal to grieve the dreams you had that are gone now. Some people tell you not to grieve, because you don't know what your future holds. They are both a little right. It is okay to grieve, because you did lose the life you thought you would have AND even if you make it to a great place someday it is going to take a massive amount of work and sacrifice to get there. You also don't want to let go of all your dreams because then life seems hopeless and ITS NOT!!! The thing about grieving because of autism is that it doesn't happen just one time. When you first get the diagnosis you grieve your big goals and dreams, but you don't know (especially if it is your first child) the little things that you will get to in life that might cause some sadness. I feel like I have handled C's autism pretty well. Sure it took me a little while to get help after I realized, but once we got help we jumped in with both feet and got him everything we possible could. But I recently hit one of those milestones that we won't get to do, one that never occurred to me would hurt, but it did!

I am a kindergarten teacher. In March we started registering and screening the kiddos that will be in K starting in August. I input all these kiddos into a spreadsheet for our team. As I am doing that this year I start seeing all these birthdays that are close to C's. All my friends that were pregnant when I was are posting on Facebook about  Pre-K graduation and registering for K. My little man will not go to kindergarten this year, like he should. I am not sure if he will ever go to a traditional kindergarten class. Last night we went to the end of year celebration for his class. A group of those children are moving on either to traditional kindergarten or to a self contained classroom setting, BUT they get to move on. I watched as the children, all of them no matter age or placement for next year, but also all with special needs in some form, walk to the teacher for their certificate with no help from mommy, they posed for pictures or hid behind their teacher just like my kindergartners do. Not my little fella. He had to sit in my lap and be held, tight, just to keep him from running out of the room. When they called his name I had to walk him up to his teacher, where he proceeded to meltdown and cry, while trying to lay on the ground. It was heartbreaking.

So I am grieving the loss of my kindergartener. I am grieving the fact that I won't have my little boy in  a room down the hall from me with one of my two best friends in the world teaching him. I am grieving the fact that I won't get to share the kindergarten experience with him like my other K teachers have done with their children. YES, I do get to celebrate all his achievements and NO I don't take those lightly or for granted. YES, I am so glad it is just autism and not something far worse and NO I don't wish I could wave a wand and change him. BUT I AM GRIEVING AND  THAT IS OKAY!!!!

It won't last long.

Please if you know me or another parent that is going through any time in their life with a child with a special need that might cause them to grieve, let them. Don't tell them "it's okay" or point out all the things their child can do. Believe me they know and all those  things and have celebrated them in crazy kinds of ways!!! Do tell them you love them. Do support them.

So today I am sitting and grieving the loss of my kindergartner, while I hold and love my amazing, wonderful, bright 5 year old boy. And tomorrow is another day!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Does It Work?

Okay so I posted about our oily plan the other day!! Here is our results so far!!!!!

We started on Tuesday night with a bath and oil, no nap- asleep by 9:30 and slept all night

Wednesday night bath and oil, no nap- asleep by 10:00 and slept all night

Thursday night bath, no oil, no nap- asleep by 9:00, up at 4 AM!!!!

Friday night no bath, no oil, napped- asleep by 12:00, up at 7 AM!!!

So I know this is only a few days but I can see the difference in each night! I am going to try my best for no nap today and he will be having a bath WITH oil tonight! Ready to start week two with this and see how it goes!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Oily Plan

One of our big struggles with C is sleep! He HATES it! He doesn't want to stop, no matter how tired he is! This causes many meltdowns at night, frequent nights up past midnight, only to wake up by 6:30 the next morning! He can do it, but this mommy was STRUGGLING!!! I knew we had to do something about this sleep issue, so I went to our doctor! The doctor said MEDICINE! We were looking at the very least melatonin and possibly something stronger!!!!!! I have had kids in my class that have used melatonin, one with some complications. I am not sure why but this makes me nervous and I JUST DON'T WANT TO!!!!! So now what?!?!?!

Well I had to come up with a new plan! It started with 2 weeks of SNOW!! Okay so I didn't plan that but it gave me LOTS of time where I couldn't leave my house, where we had no structure, no therapy, no school. We did have time for computer research and LOTS of play!!!! So the kids played, all day, and I worked on my Jamberry business and spent lots of time on Pinterest! During those two weeks C did not nap, not one single day and every night we were asleep before midnight, yes that meant 11:59 some nights, but that is before midnight and I will take that over 2 AM anytime!!!! That was step one of the new plan NO MORE NAPS!!!! Step two has been in the works for some time. A few months back I was at a vendor event and met a Doterra rep (please keep in mind I am not using Doterra or YoungLiving and so this is not an advertisement for either!!!). She gave me a blend called Peaceful Child (Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Frankincense, and Clary Sage)  I would put it on his neck when a meltdown would start and the results were AMAZING!!! He would be calm in just minutes, but being me I started researching and discovered this was a STRONG blend! I never like to start with STRONG! He is only 4 and if we do STRONG now then where will we be in a couple of years?!?!?! My dad use to be in the spa industry, his company sold essential oils (before they were huge in the direct sales industry and everyone was using them!) He reached out to the distributer they used, who connected me to an expert. She and I exchanged several emails and she gave me lots of suggestions for things to use! Sleep was the top of my list!! So I placed my order, took a little while to get here, since they are in England, but it arrived yesterday!!

So last night I placed two drops of Roman Chamomile into warm milk and then poured the milk into his bath water. Now bath time is never good for us and last night was no real exception, but improved bath time was not my goal! Now he has not been napping much (they still have naptime at school so he just rests, but does not sleep unless they just can' keep him up, an then only let him sleep a little less than an hour) and yesterday there was no nap. After a day of no nap and our new Chamomile bath he was in bed at 9:30!!!!! Holy WOW!!!!!! And here is the best news, frequently when we are in bed this early it is because of no nap and he wakes up at 3 AM, not last night! I woke him at 6:45 for his medicine and to get ready for school!!!

Today I am mixing my new version, or my own version of Peaceful Child. It is a mix suggested by the oil expert. I will be mixing Frakincense, Mandarin, and  Benzion with a coconut oil carrier. I am going today to get roller bottles so I can put this on his feet and neck.

I am excited to see how this goes. I will let you know both about our bath time mix and meltdown mix! Check out all the links at the end of this post, as I said I don't use Doterra or Youngliving, but know LOTS of people that do so feel free to follow my journey and use your favorite brand!



Absolute Aromas -- This is the one I am using, so all my results can be directly attributed to this company.