About Me

I am the mother to two wonderful children. C is 5 and has severe autism and seizure disorder. E is 4 and has I want to mother everyone disorder. I have been married 7 years and teaching 9. We have a pet dog named Cooper and a service dog named Happy for C.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Making a Move

So as great as this blog has been I just haven't stuck with it the way I wanted to. I always try to make these plans then they fall through. It is connected to a google account I just don't use anymore and I rarely log in to. I feel like it should be teacher driven and I just don't have enough to post on teaching more than once a week. SOOOOOO I am making a move! I have started another blog called Plan It, Stick It, Do It and I will be blogging there from now on! This blog is dedicated to all the things in my life I love. My faith, my family, autism awareness, my Jamberry business, planning, improving my home, and teaching! If you want to join me there I would love to have you! You can follow the link below! Hope to see you there!!!