Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Math Wednesday and Other Stuff

Okay, so yet again I have fallen behind on blogging. It is migraines my friends. They have hit hard. I know, I know. Take your iron pills Markeeta then your migraines will stop. I just forget!!! Hopefully this week of being in a very bad place will help me get better about it. Any way. I have my pictures for week 4 of the Clutter Free Classroom Project. I really did a number to my desk, but it is about to change. We got our PTA to buy kindergarten kidney shaped tables for small group, so say goodbye to my desk. I will post for week 4, but then another post will come (soon I hope) about the removal of my desk!!!! YAY!!!!

We have been doing Guided Math for two weeks now and it is getting better. Here is my plan for starting topic 10 (addition).

1. Today I will do the introduction story that comes with Envision Math. We will also take one of the three tests that come with the series. I will use this test to put them into 4 groups.
2. Tomorrow I will tell them their groups and we will begin our lessons.
3. Each group has a center
            A. Small Group with me
            B. Center Cards
            C. Games
            D. Worksheet
4. We start each lesson whole group. We do the following in whole group.
            A. A daily review
            B. Problem of the day
            C. Add vocabulary to math word wall
            D. Watch the visual learning that goes with our series
5. Then they go to centers. They rotate after 12 minutes. Anyone who doesn't get their worksheet finished has to complete it before they move on to the next center.

My low group always starts with me, then moves to worksheet. This way we can start it together, then they can finish it on their own. My high group starts at worksheet because they usually already understand what to do. Then when they get to me we check it and see if we can take it a step farther.

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