Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reading Tuesday

Well today is my last day from maternity leave/holiday break. I am a little sad. I am going to miss being home with my babies, but I am ready to get back to a more normal life. We only have a three day week this week. So there will be some review of how to be in school, plus we are doing a reading story. I am curious how all of you out there in bloggy land do your reading time. My goes like this:

We start whole group on the rug and go through a Power Point that I have for each story. We sing a song about our amazing words for the day, then discuss what they mean. Then we read the story for the week (on Thursdays they listen to it on CD and on Fridays we read a related story). After the story we do some form of activity on the reading skill for that week. Then we spend some time working on our letter of the week. We sing a song about the letter and do some phonics activities. We also work on sounding out words and high frequency words. The students then return to their seats and complete some form of independent work on some skill from that day.
After the independent work they go to centers. My students complete one must do center and then have the choice of two other centers. If you want to know all about how my centers work check out this post on centers. During this time I work with small groups on different reading activities. We have some extra time in the afternoon that I work on writing and grammar skills, plus some more work on the letter of the week.

So how do you fit all your reading/language arts into your schedule? And what does your reading time look like?

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I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. Come over to my site to see what to do:)