Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It finally hit

Exhaustion that is. I have not posted at all this week, but I promise I have good reasons. First, I have two children under two that take turns staying up at night! My hubs has been out of town. I am only on week three of full time work with my babies. I have been sick with what I can only describe as flu like symptoms. I think that part of that is our wellness challenge though. We started a wellness challenge at school and now I am staying and working out three days a week, which has made me sore add that to the mini stomach bug I had and the pleurisy and you get flu like symptoms without the flu! I hope any way!

Sorry about that just needed a minute to vent. Well we have done 3 days of guided math. It is going pretty good. The kids are use to small group structure, routine, and rules so that part has been fine. The table that does the assessment has not gone well. Monday's they finished in about two seconds. Tuesday's took fffffooooorrrrreeeevvvvveeeeerrrrrr. Then today's was super easy again, so I really need to tweak them! Any suggestions?

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