Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Math Wednesday

We use the Envision Math series. I am still out on whether I like it or not. I guess I should say there are things I really like about it, but there are things I really don't like about it. They provide a daily spiral review, which I love. Except it is a sheet we have to copy. So that is one sheet on the front five days a week. I spent a good part of Monday making my own spiral review booklets. I put two lessons a day on a page, copied front/back. That really cuts down on the copies. Plus I put it in a book and that allows them to keep it in their chair covers. Then they can pull it out at the beginning of math (end of snack time) and complete that days lesson. It becomes like a math journal. I have them labeled as the lessons for our math. I put them on TpT, but I thought the lessons won't make sense if you use another series. So if you like them and want to purchase them just send me a message and let me know how you would want them labeled and I will correct them and email you a customized copy. Check them out at my store.

(The border and a few graphics came from From The Ponds store. Check her out here.

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