Thursday, January 19, 2012


I totally had a post ready to go yesterday and my little man (who likes to shut things) shut the computer and lost my post! I was just to tired to do it again! So today will be about math, maybe I will pin this weekend!

I am starting Guided Math. We have spent this week practicing how to use our center cards, where to get the materials for them, and how to play the other games. Tomorrow I will give an assessment to put the kids in math groups for this topic.

On Monday we start. I will have four groups. One will do the center cards that come with our series. One group will play other math games I have created, or found on Pinterest and TpT. Another group will do an assessment page. The fourth group will work with me.

We will start whole group with a video clip and overview activity of the days lesson. I will tell the about the center card to be added and what game to play. This should take about 12 minutes. Then each group will get 12 minutes at each station. The only group that will complete the work page without me will be my highest group and they will start with that. All the other groups will come to me then move to the work page next. That way we can start it together and they can finish independently.

Do you do guided math? How does yours work?

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