Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Checklist Update

I thought I would take Sunday as a day to reflect on what I have gotten done  toward my checklist so far!

1. I have discovered Fly Lady! Right now I am working on her babysteps towards keeping a clean home. I am hoping if I get into her routine then when school starts back I won't fall so far behind again. I am very clean and organized at school, I just struggle at home, but if you are not so good with organization and cleaning at school Fly Lady also has a teacher control journal for the classroom. You should check her out! (I have not affiliation with Fly Lady, I was not asked to write this in my post, I am simply just writing my opinion). 
So far I have been getting up every morning and getting completely dressed no laying around in pajamas; I have been keeping my bathroom and kitchen sinks shiny; and I have found my hot spots (places where everything gets dropped) and I am spending two minutes a day cleaning these. I have all of these things on post-its about my kitchen and bathroom sink. Once they become habit I can take them down, but they stay until then! Even my husband is on board.

3. I have PowerPoints for week one and week two finished!!! YAY!! Weeks 3, 4, 5 & 7 are stories we already do, so I just have to update them a little bit and they will be done. That just leaves weeks 6, 8, & 9 to do in the first nine weeks!! I would like to have these done before I go to Florida, or maybe the first week down there. I need to find two of the book though.

4. Same with the PowerPoints I have weeks one and two finished!!!! I don't have many small group packs done for the stories we already do so I have a bit more work to do on those. If I can get the PowerPoints out of the way that should be easy though!

That is really all I have worked on so far! It is slowly coming around. I will get it--I hope!!!


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