Thursday, June 21, 2012

What I wish I had been told...

My blog friend Heather from Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten is hosting her first linky party. She is asking us to share what we wish we had been told when we started teaching Kindergarten. I you teach Kindergarten then you should join us and share! Check it out

I was very fortunate when I started in Kindergarten to have some great people giving me advice. So I don't know if there is anything I wish I had been told but there is one thing I am glad I was told. 

It will get better!

My coworker told me every year she wonders why she stayed in Kindergarten until about the end of September. Then the kids start to turn into real little students and she remembers. 
I remember thinking, seriously can it be that bad?!
I love teaching Kindergarten and I am not bothered enough by the beginning to think I should have changed grades, but it does get better as time goes.

One other thing, especially if you are coming from a higher grade, they can do it!!!

I know when I moved down I was worried I would be to hard on them because I expected so much from my older kids. I expected great behavior, I set high goals, and I pushed them because I wanted their best. I was afraid when I moved to K that they were to little to expect that much from. I was wrong. There are days I think I expect more from my Ks than I ever did my older kids. They will try anything you ask of them, and want to learn.

So go ahead expect a lot, THEY CAN DO IT!!!

Now your turn, link up!!


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Hi Markeeta – I think transitions are So important. The seamless flow from one topic to another is so important. I often use a puppet or our class mascot with a song to help move us through the day. -Michael