Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 1

Ok, so I really like the way I do centers and small groups in my classroom now, but when I read all this stuff about the Daily 5 it makes me curious. So I am going to join in the book study over at Live, Love, Laugh. Every Thursday one blogger will give you the chapter and questions for that week. Then on Wednesday that blogger will host a linky for you to share what you learn. So this is the first week with Chapter 1, join me and see if the book convinces me to change my ways!!

1. How do I teach behaviors?
Assume that they do not know how to act in school. Model, model, model. Then explain that we are kindergartens not monkeys in a zoo (that is one of my favorites!) Tell them some monkeys have escaped from the zoo and I think they might be hiding in our room, let's see if we can find them. Have two students come up, tell them which  behavior they will model then whisper in their ear either monkey or kindergartner. They have to act accordingly and the rest of the class guesses who the monkey is. Then we discuss the difference. We do this with all of the class rules and procedures until all the monkeys are caught and returned to the zoo. Then they have seen every behavior modeled by me, more than once, modeled by a friend the right way, and modeled by a "monkey" the wrong way.

2.  How do I teach expectations?
This is something that is taught over and over again. We review our expectations everyday, multiple times. Every time we go in the hall we review our hallway expectations. Before we go to the playground I ask them for one playground rule. Before we do work we go over that our name is the first thing we do, that we give our very best effort, ect. Kindergarten is THE year for learning how to be in school. Learning expectations is as big a part of our curriculum as anything else.

3. How do I monitor students behavior during whole group? small group? individual?
This really depends on the situation. During hole group, I snap. The kids know when I snap that someone is not following directions and whoever it is stops. No names, no embarrassment, but they know and the other kids know I am watching. In small group I keep a clipboard beside me and take notes on behaviors I notice that can wait to address and then I either talk to just those students or we review the expectations for that center (especially if I note this behavior from several students or groups in a week). We have a loft and the loft is a quiet area. If I can hear you your center time is over for the day. At the end of center time I look around the room to make sure everything is properly cleaned up and I ask them to give me a thumbs up, down, or middle for how they think they did that day. I may ask a few to tell us why (especially if I don't agree, they are usually harder on themselves!) I also keep an eye out for outstanding behavior and give out a purple apple or two at this time. See more on my behavior management here.

4. What do I do when a student is not exhibiting desired behavior?
I have the tree of choice, if you don't follow a rule you remove and apple. If you do a great outstanding job, you get a purple apple. At recess they have to tell me what they did and what they could do differently. When they can tell me those things they get to go play, whether that be immediately or takes a few minutes. I like my system and don't think I will be changing it! I use numbers not names, so yeah by the end of the year the other kids know each others number, but outsiders don't. It gives me something I can send home each day to parents to let them know how our day went. Also, it gives the kids a visual. I allow my students to earn apples back, so going to yellow does not mean they will end there, it gives them something to work for.

5. Whose classroom is it?
It is ours! That is a big one that we learn on the first day. If you mess it up, then you have messed it up for everyone. I want them to feel ownership, so they are invested. 

6. Locus of control?
This past year was the first year I have ever had a treasure box. Before that I expected kids to behave because it was the right thing to do. I have found with each year of teaching that gets harder to do, because they are being rewarded so much outside of school it is almost confusing why I would expect them to behave because it is a good thing! I make treasure box a once a week thing though and you have to stay on green all week long to get it. And some weeks I forget it and they don't care, but some weeks we just need it.  I struggle with this one because I want kids to have an internal sense of right and wrong, but I know that the external world does not always teach them that way.

7. Where are supplies stored?
This is my strong suit. I am an organization freak, and by the end of the year I have made 18 little organizational freaks!! I have no teacher desk, so everything is stored in the student area. We label everything, with pictures! The kids know where everything is and where to go get it. The only exception I have is the stapler. I keep it up on a shelf and kids have to ask to use it. We learn some other ways to "staple" papers, so they rarely need it. Staples scare me with kindergartners. 

Well that is it for Chapter 1. See you next Wednesday for Chapter 2! Go on get the book and join us!!


Ziggyfriends said...

Thanks Markeeta,
I love your Tree of Choice idea and took a look at that post also. Thank your for the great suggestions for modeling behavior -- I LOVE your monkeys from the zoo role play!! I will definitely incorporate that this year. I think I do a good job of setting expectations at the beginning of the year, but maybe not so well at revisiting them when needed. We tend to disintegrate as the year progresses.


Markeeta said...

Thanks Donna! The kids love the monkeys and later in the year when the act up I say are we monkeys or Kindergarteners and they straighten up fast (with a giggle of course!)

Jeannie Partin said...

Markeeta I LOVE your example of using monkeys from the zook and kindergartener comparison at the beginning of the year - so cute!

I'm also an organizational freak and turn my kiddos into freaks as well :0)
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Tammy said...

Thanks for linking up! I am your newest follower! I wish I were an organization freak! LOL!
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amaclin said...

I love your idea for teaching behaviors!

Kelley Dolling said...

As a first grade teacher, thank you so much for stating that Kinder is THE year to learn how to be in school. This attitude makes it so much easier for us to hit the ground running in August. You wanna come work at our school?? Glad I found you.

Kelley Dolling
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Kimberley said...

Just became your newest follower. Love your blog!

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