Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 3

Ok, still going on the D5 book study. I think I do some things in the book, just not the way they have it laid out. I am also a little unsure about Kindergarten and some of their suggestions. I am glad to see from this book study other K teachers are having the same feelings!

On to this weeks questions.

1. Establish a gathering place for brain and body breaks. (Do you call your gathering place anything special?)
We have a large rug and I call it the rug! Real creative I know! I guess I just like to keep it simple and easy for me!

2. Developing the concept of "good fit" books (There are LOTS of examples of different good fit lessons in blogland AND Pinterest)
This is where I struggle with the D5. I have kids all over the board at the beginning of the year. Plus I have a large library and I have found even after lessons it is to overwhelming for them. Our librarian even has a "kindergarten" section pulled each week. The way I have always done book baskets is:
1 per table that rotates everyday
Range of book levels in each basket
The books are related to what we are studying, letter, topic, math skill
There is more than one good fit book in each basket for everyone in my class.
I like my system and I am not sure I am willing to change it just yet. I could change my mind later in the book but for now it is staying!!

3. Create anchor charts with students How will these be visual in the room? Where will you store them? What about small spaces?
I am not real artsy on paper but I am good on the computer. We usually make our anchor charts on SMART Notebook and then I print them poster size and hang them. I also keep them saved so we can add and reprint them. I hang them all over the room, but then bring them up on the SMART board when we need to review them. They are always available as reminders but I like being able to make them a focus in our "rug" area.

4. Short, repeated intervals of independent practice and setting up book boxes (How are you going to keep track of stamina? What will you use for book boxes? What are you going to put in those book boxes on the 1st day of school?)
I have decided to keep up with stamina, because I do ask my kids to read on their own during certain parts of the day. I think I will keep up with it using a graph. See question 2 for my book boxes!!

5. Calm Signals and check in procedures (Do you already have a signal? How will you handle check ins?
I use different types of music for signals. Some of which is calm and so of which is NOT!!! It really just depends on what we are doing. I use classical music for calm signals. After centers we use a 1, ,2, 3 sign to share how we did. 1 means I could push myself a little harder tomorrow, 2 means I did everything I was suppose to and I did my best, 3 means I did everything I was suppose to plus some (either extra practice or helping a friend). If they show a 3 I usually ask them to share what they did so we can celebrate them!

6. Using the correct model/incorrect model approach for demonstrating appropriate behaviors. (Will you keep track of inappropriate behaviors? If they are not doing what is expected, then they are calling out for attention...what other ways can you give them some extra attention so that they can be more independent during D5?)
I really feel like this depends on what they are doing. I do keep track of inappropriate behaviors. If I see a pattern then that student may have different choices from everyone else, or limited choice, or no choice. I try to never force a child to read because I don't want reading to be seen as a punishment. I may have them participate in all of my small groups so they get lots of extra practice plus extra attention from me.

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Carole Dawn Arrendale said...

i have never heard of SMART Notebook but I will be checking it out! i am your newest follower. glad i found you through this book study. come on over and visit me if you have time. www.kindergartencafeteria.blogspot.com

Carole Dawn

Mrs. K said...

I love the check-in idea of 1,2,3 - what a simple, yet clear, way for our younger kiddos to self-monitor...I may try that this fall :)

Ziggyfriends said...

I really like your 1,2,3 idea. I agree about good fit books. I handle the inability to work independently like you, perhaps give them a place by themselves or have them spend extra time with me. At least there's more benefit to that than playing around the whole time!


Heather Shelton said...

So yeah got behind on the book study and just finished ch 3. Now checking everyone's thoughts on it.
I LOVE your 123 self check idea! I will be doing it next year. Thanks for sharing.
Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten

Angela Urso said...

I really like your 1,2,3 check-in!
Thanks for sharing.