Thursday, June 28, 2012

Idea Help and Vacay!!

I am working on my activity pack for Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten and I am stuck. I want to include an activity for letter recognition (check), class book activity (check), classify and categorize (check), sight words, and initial sounds. I have not thought of an activity for the last two yet. So I am asking for help. What type of activities would you like to have in your kindergarten class for these two skills? What types of things do you do in small group to work on sight words and initial sounds? Help me out here!! I am stuck and I have been having free time in the afternoon to work!

Little tiny update on my vacation, we are into the second week of four and it finally feels like we are in Florida! Although back home in VA/TN it is MUCH MUCH HOTTER than it is here!! But we have sunshine!!! I spent some time floating in the pool today all by myself with no kids!! It was glorious. My dad will be down this weekend and we are planning a trip to Busch Gardens. They have a Sesame Street part of the park and in case you missed the Carter's 2nd Birthday Post, my son LOVES ELMO!!! So we are going and having lunch with the characters. I can't wait to see his face!!! I had wanted to go to Philly on spring break which was the week of his birthday, but the hubs couldn't get that week off. I had no idea Busch Gardens had this until last week! I am so excited!! I am thinking of doing a mid vacation post early next week, so I will have lots of pictures, including some of my dear departed (thank goodness) friend Debby the Tropical Storm!!!

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