Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Wow I can't believe it is July already. We spent July 1st at Busch Gardens, hanging out on Sesame Street and eating lunch with Elmo! It was great. Then yesterday we went shopping. Tomorrow we are going to spend the 4th at the Florida Aquarium and then back to Busch Gardens!!!! Today is the only day without a plan, so a good day to link up with Farley for the Currently!

We are having a great time here at the beach which is why all my answers are beach related. The only thing school related I have done is read The Daily 5 and work on a few things when we had rainy days. My littles sleep schedule is way off though so this momma is tired! I love all Little Quack books, I love reading them in my class and at home to my littles!

Head over to Oh' Boy 4th Grade and link up so we can see what everyone is doing!


Anna Colley said...

Hi Markeeta! I enjoyed looking around your blog and checking out your organization and classroom management posts. I'm jealous of your spending a whole month at the beach! :o)

Teaching for Tomorrow said...

Hi Matkeeta,

I'm super jealous that you are spending so much time at the beach! Have a great rest of you summer!

Mechele said...

What a great way to spend your summer! Summer naps are always the best.
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Mrs. Green said...

Very cute blog! Enjoy the rest of your time at the beach! :)

Kimberlee :) said...

Just took a look around your site & would like to offer you an award - accept your award here: http://teachertakers.blogspot.com/2012/07/bloggie-award-yay.html

~ Kimberlee ~

Two Fulbright Hugs