Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 4

Continuing with the Daily 5 book study:

1)  How far into the school year do you think kinders need to be to be able to begin the process of Read to Self?  What is realistic?  When do you plan to begin implementation? I feel like it is a routine just like anything else we teach at the beginning of the year. I don't think I would introduce it immediately, but fairly quickly into the year. I would not expect them to be fully into the reading to self for a long period of time until winter break, but if you don't start it soon enough I think they will make a routine that doesn't involve read to self and it will be harder to include it later. I would think it should start around week 6. I am a little unsure on this though, I am thinking of my past two classes and they could have done it day one, this class coming up though I am not so sure about!

2) How will you make sure that each child views him/herself as a reader (whether they are reading words or not)? Encouraging them to "read" to the class or myself. (Not forcing!!!) Having them retell the story in a drawing or to a friend. Reminding them everyday that there are three kinds of reading and praising them for reading their books so well.

3) What are some ideas you have about "Launching Read to Self" in kindergarten?  How will you go about it and what are some ways to make sure it is "kinder friendly"?  I liked the lesson they did in the book a lot. It would be something I could do using the story we are on for that week. They need the anchor charts that we create together to help remind them of what we do each day. I think with anything else we do, as long as we start slow, go in small steps, and practice, practice, practice they will get it and it will be "kinder friendly"

4) How will you/do you build the children's belief that this IS important?  What can we do to encourage the ones who do not value it and create disruptions for others? I have always thought it is just as important the topic of the story as the level. If someone is not interested in anything you  give them or you have in the library for them then you have to do some investigating. If they are into dirt bikes, get some kids dirt bike magazines. It may be way above their level, but at least then they will try and "read" by looking at pictures. You can always ask their parents to send in a favorite book from home (if they have favorites at home :( which it seems like the ones that don't want to read don't). Another thing I have found in the past that has worked (at least in older grades) is I brought in books I read. They include books for fun, books for work, instruction manuals, anything I have read in the last six months, so they can see they will read all the time for everything and that is why it is so important.

5) How valuable is Checking In and Reviewing with kindergarteners?  How often will you do it?  When will you do it? What are some different ways to "check in"? I think if kinders check in they feel more invested in what they are doing. They are always harder on themselves than I am so if the say I didn't do well today comes from them I think it hits home more. We check in every day with centers, and they do that with a one, two, three finger sign. I talked more about it in last weeks post. We review everyday when we start something new, for at least two weeks, then we review as needed the rest of the year.

6)What are some problems that can occur during this problem (either that you anticipate with your kinders OR that you have experienced)?  How can we be proactive about these issues? I think the biggest problem will be the students trying to take advantage of the time and playing rather than reading. The best thing to do is model and review and then cut their time off when they get off task. I have always ended center time for either the whole or a group if they are unable to work in centers properly. They enjoy centers and don't really want to lose that time. Usually one group getting sent to their seats, stops any other group and that group for a good six weeks! I think this will be close to the same. I think the kids will enjoy it, especially as they begin picking their own books and won't want to lose time from it.

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