Thursday, May 10, 2012

Common Core

So TN is one of the states adopting the Common Core. In TN counties are choosing whether or not to go ahead and adopt them before the official state adoption. My county has decided to begin the adoption K-2. We have been exploring them this year. This summer the county is forming a team to implement and train others for the Common Core switch. I have applied for that team, hopefully we will find out soon who is on it!  I was sent yesterday to a focus group for East TN teachers using Common Core. We  got to discuss our success and difficulties. We made suggestions for things the state could do to help us and train us. I am really trying to explore the Common Core and find some useful resources as we continue through this process. A great website that was given yesterday was from North Carolina. I look forward to using it. Check it out:

NC Public Schools-Common Core Tools

Anybody else have a great Common Core resource they want to share, comment on this post!


Laura Starnes said...

I didn't realize that each county was able to choose. I thought everyone was starting with 3-5 math only. Very interesting. Thanks for the NC site. I'm going to pass it along to some of my upper grade teachers. I can't wait to see what you learn for K-2.

Kinder Kraziness

Markeeta said...

Our 3rd and up haven't even had training yet. They are still teaching to TN standards. They will begin training and switching next year.

Greg said...

I teach kindergarten in Tennesee and our district fas fully implemented Common Core in K-2. 3-4 will implement next year. K2 will be trained this summer on the assessment piece. I like the standards and feel it made a huge difference in my classroom this year because it allows so much more time tomgomdeeper into each skill.

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