Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Goals

This summer is full of big goals I have for myself!! I am such an awful housekeeper during the school year, then the summer comes and I am a neat freak. The problem is the time between getting out of school and getting the whole house cleaned. My nerves are an absolute wreck just looking around thinking how did I let it get this bad! So there is goal number 1, get my house cleaned.
Also have you all seen what Laura over at KinderKraziness is doing? She has picked all new stories for her reading. She is following the basic line of the SF series but changing the books they will read. I fell in love with this idea and took it to my team. We agreed that a lot of the stories were horrible awful not good, and we needed new ones, but we liked at lot of the stories too. The problem with the ones we liked were they didn't match the letter of the week or really make sense with the time of year we were teaching it. I mean really lets talk about butterflies in the middle of winter, that makes perfect sense to a five year old! So we took Laura's wonderful new pacing guide and our list of current stories, sat down together, and made a new pacing guide. It was great, but it gets even better. While trying to decided where to get our books the librarian walked by. So we pitched our idea and he said have $$$ to buy your books!!! WHOOHOOO!!! So that brings me to goal number 2, working on this new pacing guide and getting everything together. With our old stories someone in our county had created PowerPoints to go with them, so I promised if they would change things up a bit I would create any new PowerPoints.I have the general outline of our pacing guide done and the first PowerPoint ready to go. I still have so much more to do, plus I had planned on making intervention packs this summer for each story, so maybe I will just conquer the first 9 weeks of stories!! I will post anything I do here, and Laura is posting a bunch of great stuff over on her blog to so check that out!!< /a>

Here is my first freebie with all of this. It is our pacing guide. I didn't include math because our county hasn't decided our pacing for Scantron testing yet. As soon as I get that I will update this for you.
We still have some holes to fill in the Science/Social Studies area. We don't really teach Science and Social Studies in K-2. So we have no real curriculum for it, which leaves it up to us pretty much. The problem with that is there is no real time allotted for it. I get very envious when I see everyone in blogland doing their fun theme units. I am hoping that changing the stories will give us a little more freedom in what we are doing!

Goal number 3 will come later in the summer. I just completed that Debbie Diller book study and in July I am going to a three day conference, two days of which will be with Debbie Diller. One day she will talk about reading and one day on math. After that three days I plan on redoing my math instruction!!!

I also have a bunch of other stuff I want to get done for school, such as crate seats and creating a reading focus wall.

Stay tuned to see how well I do at completing my goals

I made this checklist to help me (and you) keep up!

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Laura Starnes said...

Thanks for the shout out! How cool that your librarian jumped on board! A lot of the books I chose were ones I already had. The others I got off of Amazon for FREE (because I used my Swagbucks coupons!). I can't wait to see how this all pans out next year!

Kinder Kraziness

Markeeta said...

Between the four of us we there was at least one copy of each book, but we really wanted everyone to have their own for the week.I am excited for the change and glad my team was on board!