Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Wedding of Q and U

Last week our class studied the letter Q and its relationship with U. We read about the marriage of Q and U. Then we brainstormed Qu words. Each child took a word and made a quilt piece using that word. We put that together and made a quilt for a Q and U wedding present. On Monday I drew names and each child received a part.

My bride and her parents were so excited they posted this on Facebook!!

All week long we worked on activities involving Q and U. We made Quiet Queens with Qu words in her crown. We wrote sentences with Qu words. We also planned a wedding. We talked about the different parts and how we could  relate them to the letters. The flower girl is a quarter girl because quarter starts with Qu. The shussers hold up QUIET signs because quiet starts with Qu. The bride carries a bouquet because it has Qu in it (although come wedding time I completely forgot the bouquet!) Our ring bearer carried a queen shaped pillow I found on clearance at Michael's! I hope to have more pics to post later but as the wedding director I wasn't able to pictures. I am completely at the mercy of the parent photographers. My father of the bride is a professional wedding videographer (he even did my wedding!) so he videoed the wedding for us. It is so stinking cute, but I have to go through a whole process to get permission to share that and I know that I will get rejected due to a situation in my room, so I won't be sharing it with you! Sorry! Check out these few pictures I have gotten back!

Our Wedding gift quilt!

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Laura Starnes said...

I had a former colleague who did the QU wedding and I loved it! It was so cute. I'm not doing it this year, but maybe next year..we'll see =)
I love how you have the parents involved.

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