Friday, April 20, 2012

This time of year!

Well it is that time of year again. A non tenured teachers worst nightmare. We have had our kindergarten registration, it was a good turn out (but then so was last years at my old school!) and we are getting more in everyday. That doesn't stop the worry, will we have enough kids for four classes or will the county try and cut us back. Will there be enough in upper grades to keep all the tenured teachers where they are or will one need to come down. It is a miserable time of year. I never really worried about it in middle TN but that county was building schools, my county now is closing them! Every year we are losing schools. This year they will consolidate 3 into 1. And the middle school is going to the high school so that is technically 4 closings for one new school. Does anybody else feel that it is unfair that my job is completely based on numbers at this point. I mean I feel like I have proven myself and I know I will be rehired as long as the numbers are good! And now with this new system in TN it is almost impossible to get tenure, it takes 5 years, and now my first year of service in this county will not count because it was under the old system! My anxiety level is through the roof! What's your situation like at your school? Anybody else get this anxiety this time of year? On a non school related personal note, last night I ran a mile for only the second time in my life. The first time it took me 14 minutes. Last night I did it in 15 minutes. Yes I know that is a minute more, but I did it pushing a jogging stroller with a 13 lb baby in it! My first 5K in on May 6! I am excited but not sure if I am ready! Have a great weekend!

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