Thursday, April 19, 2012

Popcorn Word Books and a Giveaway!

We are finished with our letters of the week, so I decided we should do a word of the week until the end of the year. I let my helper on Monday pick a popcorn word off the wall. We wrote it, boxed it in, and snap clapped it. Then on Tuesday we wrote a sentence using the word in our journals. Then on Wednesday we did some chanting with our word. That was it I was stuck. I thought surely I can do more with this word than just three days, I mean I make a letter last a whole week. So I did what any good teacher does these days and went straight to Pinterest. There I found so many great ideas, now I have more ideas then day. OH NO! So I sat down with PowerPoint and I made a book. See that's it -------->
I guess you have figured out what our word this week is!
So I took it to lunch and showed it to my friends. They said "I LOVE IT, are doing all the words?!" I thought I might do all the words, but as we came to them. Then I thought this might be something that some other teachers would like, so maybe I should make them all now and put them on TpT. So now that you have seen it, what do you think? Would you buy it? It would contain all 40 popcorn words that go with the Reading Street series for Kindergarten. Let me know what you think. If it seems like it would be popular I will finish now and put in the store. I would probably have a giveaway with it!

Erin over at Eberhart's Explorers is hosting a giveaway. She is giving some great school supplies out to two lucky winners!! You should go check it out.

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