Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Currently and a Meet Up

I am once again linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her famous Currently linky parties! I love these!!!

I don't usually explain these, but I thought I would today.
First listening- my baby girl is almost 5 months old and my son is almost 2. He doesn't talk yet, but she started babbling very early. She will lay beside him and just babble at him and he will babble back. It's like they have their own language. He is getting closer to talking, but I feel like she is teaching him (more encouraging him I guess) So I love to just sit and listen to her talk to him.

Loving- We are on Spring Break this week and I am loving it. All though it is going by to fast!

Thinking and Needing- Lil' Man is turning 2 on April 10 and this Saturday we are having his birthday party. It is an Elmo theme and I am doing a lot of the decorations myself. I bought a pack from ETSY. I will post about it this Sunday. I know it won't be school related, but hey neither is this post!!

Wanting- My husband decided that I deserved a great trip this year. It has been a rough year for my family. My sister and I wanted to spend a week in Florida together. When we started looking at prices we discovered the price for a month in Florida is the same as a week in Hilton Head. So the Hubby said do it. Go to Florida for a month with your sister. He will go down with us and spend one week, fly home, then fly back for the last week. I am so excited for a month away from the turmoil of this year!

Super Power- House cleaning. I would really like to blink and my house be clean. It is so hard to work full time and have a toddler and infant, plus keep the house clean. I come home and it is a mess and it makes me just want to cry. I originally said it would get better as they get older, but as Lil' Man gets older he just makes bigger messes!

One last thing before I go. The TN blogger meet up is fast approaching. I can't wait. We are heading out to Lebanon. Which is really close to where I lived and taught for 3 years so I will be visiting friends and making new ones all in the same weekend. Plus hubby is off that weekend so he gets to go with me! Yay! Hope to see you there!!

Go link up and tell us what you are Currently doing!!!!

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Ms. Kerri said...

A month at the beach! That's awesome. I'm so excited about our meet up next week. I can't wait to meet everyone. My fiance Chris thinks I'm a little crazy that I'm so excited about this. But I feel like I know everyone anyway.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten