Monday, April 23, 2012

New Math Games

This weekend I worked on a few math games. They are practicing time and numbers on a clock. I made them for this year, even though next year when we switch to common core time is no longer a kindergarten standard. Neither is money. I know we have decided to still include time and money in our morning calendar time so the kids are still exposed to it. What about you? Will you continue to teach time and money in some way? Do you think they need to be exposed to it before they get to first grade?
Anyway if you plan on still teaching it in kindergarten then you might like these games, but it meets the common core standard 1.MD.3 for 1st grade. Go check them out at my TpT store. The clip art game from Graphics from the Pond (one of my favorites!!!!)

I have to say I was a little disappointed this morning when we didn't have a snow day or a delay. Yes you heard me right I said snow day. It was suppose to snow here last night. I really hoped our county would give us the day. We have 5 built in days left! Anybody else have built in days left? If so what is your county doing with them? Just wondering what is happening everywhere else!!!

Have a great week!!!!!


Barbara said...

I teach grade 1 and our province took money and time out of our curriculum, too. Kind of strange :)
I'm your newest follower. Dee, from First Impressions sent me here.

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Markeeta said...

Thanks for following me!! I can't believe it is out of first grade too! Time and money are life skills, I think we should teach it from the beginning!