Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pinterest Thursday!

I have to start with some BIG NEWS!! I had my first Donors Choose project funded!! I am getting 2 Leapster Explorers and a game to add to my Leap Frog Center!! Yay! The kids will be so excited. It is one of their favorite centers already!

I have to say I kinda love blogging on Thursday because it is all about me and what I am obsessing over on Pinterest. It's my me time. Which I got released from the doctor today so I can start really exercising again, not just walking in circles around the mall. Although I will totally keep doing that because it is a great way to spend time with my babies and exercise, plus that double stroller is kinda a workout to push!

So my first pin is for me and anyone else out there who just had a baby and wants their body back

My next pin is something I want to have made for Jan. 10. I am hoping I can share them with my friends to celebrate the new National Champs. I am a Alabama Freak. I just bought my 6 week old daughter a dress just to wear for the game, and I am looking for my son something to wear too!

This last one is for Christmas. We started a family tradition last year of exchanging pj's on Christmas Eve to wear that night. This year with our new edition we decided to let boys buy for girls and girls buy for boys! I love this idea to get Christmas sacs and use them every year to wrap

Sorry no school posts this week, but I have thought about school so much on my leave I thought I would take a holiday break! No worries though I am still working on a Friday Freebie!

Happy Pinning!

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