Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas is over!

I love Christmas, but this year took a lot out of me!! It just seemed like it would never end! I have totally neglected my blog because we have had something everyday since last Friday. Last night was my last one, and it was a good way to end. It was Christmas with my coworkers, adults only (of course my 7 week old came, but she doesn't say much so it was okay!!). I know most of you out there are thinking, man my break is almost over, I don't want to go back (that was what I heard lots of last night!), but not me. I am so ready to be back at work and be on a normal schedule. My son has developed a really bad habit of keeping the babies schedule. He is staying up until almost midnight and then taking these incredibly long, ill timed naps during the day. I am hoping that going back to work will put us all back on track.

Today's post is supposed to be about math, I had grand plans of completely redoing my math while I was off but that hasn't happened yet! Maybe next week when the babysitter comes back to work. Until then I thought I would share with you the great math poems I found from Debbie Diller and while I am at it brag a little that I get to see her this summer at the ETSU Early Childhood Summer Institute!!! YAY!!!

Good news is I have Pins planned for tomorrow and a freebie for Friday so I should be good for the rest of the week!!

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