Friday, December 16, 2011

Pinterest Thursday and Freebie Friday

Yesterday I felt awful. So I did not get around to posting my favorite things for the week from Pinterest. I will include it today with the Friday Freebie!

Some of my favorite things this week are:

For school I would love to try this out

My little boy is in love with Elmo (in fact one of his Christmas gifts is tickets to see Sesame Street Live with passes to meet the characters before the show!!), he also LOVES fruit. He will spit cake out for a piece of fruit. So this is so perfect for him!

And my last pin for the week is one for me. We have this really long hallway and I have been looking for something to put in it. I think having our Nanny/Photographer/Web Designer (you remember the one who made my button!) take "photo booth" pictures of us all and doing this in our hallway!

Now moving on to Freebie Friday!!!! This week I am giving you an activity I did with my kids using egg cartons. It is working with numbers that are more than and less than. Enjoy!! and let me know what you think!!!

Click to download!
 Have a great weekend!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love this game - I may use it in my Maths centers as an alternative for the one I am currently using for 'more or less'! Thanks a mil :)