Monday, March 5, 2012

Math Work Stations Book Study

I am participating in a book study for the boo Math Work Stations by Debbie Diller. I thought I would post my answers, thoughts, and questions here and see what kind of feedback I get back throughout the book.
So this is the beginning. Chapter 1

1. If you are already using literacy work stations, what parallels did you see between literacy and math work stations?
            I do something similar to literacy stations. I think the parallels are the elements of choice and independence. The students have multiple activities to choose from, they make those choices on their own and complete their activity on their own. Also a good amount of time is needed at the beginning to model each station for the students. Behavior problems will occur with out proper time learning the process.

2. How will what you teach in whole group impact the work stations? Share some examples of what you might move from whole-group math instruction to math stations.
           During a unit on measurement you might have a whole group activity measuring items with cubes, then in a math station you could have cubes and a measure the room paper (similar to write the room). Another idea could be using red/yellow counters to make up number stories about each other in whole group, the counters could then be added to a station for them to make up their own number stories.

Notes I took while reading:
I loved the taping index cards to a clipboard for assessment. I made one of these the very next day!
Math talk is very important. I like the idea of including cards for "math talk" sentences on it to help them remember what to say with out you there.

Questions I have after reading:
1. Do you correct students in stations or remain a silent observer, write down what they did, and cover in small group?
2. Do you have stations everyday?
3. What would the entire math block look like?

Stay tune chapters 2 and 3 will come later this week, since I have read them already. Then it will probably slow down to once a week. Share with me your thoughts on Math work stations.

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