Saturday, March 24, 2012

I am not dead!

Wow, it has been crazy the last three week. I went from having walking pneumonia to Lil' Man having a double ear infection, to Sissy being rushed to the ER having trouble breathing, to my husband spending 3 days in the hospital with chest pains. Then after all that things were getting back to normal, and I got my new small group table! Yay! That meant some furniture rearranging in my room. Then my iPad died. Died! Except it really didn't die. I could still hear it ding when I would get an email. And Lil' Man was trying to play his game on it and touched the screen, caused another game to start, we could hear the music for it. So the iPad worked you just can't see it!! So it will be away for two weeks getting fixed. :( I could have taken it to the apple store but then they wouldn't redo my engraving. My iPad was a Mother's Day gift and my husband has "Mommy's Apple" put on the back of it. I can't give that up. So I am back to using my husband's laptop!

Anyway, this past week my table came and I got evaluated. I am really liking my small group area now, and I used the small table I was using for small group to put my computers on. Before they were on a massive table and the kids had to use big huge chairs to use them, their feet didn't even touch the ground! My evaluation went well. She watched my reading, whole group and small group. I have my meeting on it next week, but she commented on my organization and differentiation. So that brings me to my question for today.

Do you differentiate for every group every day? I do, but I was asked that question a couple of times this week, by some who do and some who don't. So blog land what's your take on it!!!!

I will leave you with before and after small group pictures!!

Before of computer table. Notice how tall it is and the
big chairs they had to use!

This is from an old post but you can see my small group area before in the middle picture and top right corner!

New computer table. Fits my three working computers perfectly and uses little chairs!!

My new small group table and area!! I love it!!

One last thing. Don't forget the TN blogger meet up. I am so excited for the trip!! Hope to see you there.

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I'll be there! Can't wait to meet you:)

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