Thursday, March 8, 2012

Math Work Stations Chapter 2

Continuing on with my book study...

Chapter 2
1. Create a plan for organizing you math materials. Where will you begin? What's you goal? Who might help you?
 I will start by moving ALL my math materials to one area of the room so I can see what I have and need. My goal is to combine manpulatives from several past math series and select the best materials for our class. It is nice doing the book study with someone from my school and grade level (Jana P.). We will be able to work together through this process of setting up and using math stations.

2. Make plans for a classroom math corner. Do you have an unused corner or one you could clear out? A bookshelf and clear plastic containers. Work with a colleague and help one another set up your math corners. Have teachers share their procedures with you.
 I can create a corner using a cabinet and a bookshelf. Above the bookshelf is a bulletin board, which provides a place for anchor charts. One of the previous math adoptions came with clear tubs for manipulatives which will work nicely for storing materials in the corner. I also have a 10 drawer container that would be a good way to organize smaller materials for the students to use. The shelf used to make the corner is long I could use one end for my math corner and the other end for the math station containers.
Notes I took:
1. I loved the steps to sorting (I just am not good at sticking to them)
Step 1 Sort your stuff. Stay put! (That is where I go wrong!!!)
Step 2 Purge (my favorite)
Step 3 Containers
Step 4 Maintain!

2. Sort objects based on strands in math
A. Numbers and operations
B. Geometry
C. Fractions
D. Money
E. Time
F. Data and Probability
G. Symmetry
H. Measurement
I. Calendar

3. When purging ask yourself:
A.Does this belong to me or the school?
B. Is it something I need help knowing how to teach with?
C. Is this something that might improve my teaching?
D. Is it taking up too much space?
E. Do I have something better now?
F. Do I already have enough copies of this?

4. Have a math corner where manipulatives are available and organized for the students to use. Should be extra stuff related to math station tubs, should be close to tubs and would be a good place for anchor charts.

5. Use a 9x12 foam sheet for students to use manipulatives on. This helps keep materials together and reduces noise.

Questions I have now:
1. How ofter should the math corner change?

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