Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tennessee Blogger Meet Up!!

Well the gals of Tennessee are taking the plunge! We have been so jealous seeing all the other meet ups that we planned our own. (Actually Laura over at Kinder Kraziness did, we just cheered her on!!). So if you live in Tennessee or somewhere close by and want to come check out our plans and head over to Laura's blog! Hope to see you there!

(Just a side note here, the place we are meeting has an outlet mall, which has a Coach store! I am obsessed with Coach- 15 bags, an umbrella, gloves, hat, diaper bag, 3 wallets. So I am ready for this trip for lots of reasons! YAY!)


Laura Starnes said...

I think I'm a little more excited about the shopping too! I chose a payday Friday for me..I could be in trouble!

Kinder Kraziness

Markeeta said...

It will be right after tax returns for me!!!! I haven't gotten a new Coach item since my blue diaper bag before my two year old was born, I am hoping Hubs will agree to a treat for me!