Monday, February 20, 2012

How I Met My Hubby!

Okay I know it is some secret bloggy rule to never post twice in a day, but I have not been keeping up with my blogging and it doesn't really hurt anything. Plus I have been reading every one's How I Met My Hubby posts and I just had to share too! Since I have the day off I thought today would be a good day to post it. You should share your story too!
Okay so I have know my hubby almost all of my life (I promise this is not the whole story). In high school we were friends, but I had the BIGGEST CRUSH ever on him. He had a girlfriend. She and I did not get along. He and I always had a connection but there was always that girlfriend. Then he graduated and went to Tennessee Tech. I still had two more years of high school. I started dating someone, but on the upside he and his girlfriend broke up. I dated that other guy for 6 years and did not talk to Jason at all in that time. I went to college at East TN State U., and when I graduated was in kind of a funk. I got my BS in Early Childhood, but was going on to Physical Therapy School. Nothing in my life fit, so I ended my long term relationship, drop out of Physical Therapy School, and applied to teach. Meanwhile I discovered Facebook (that's right, this just became an Internet relationship). I had been on the Myspace bandwagon, but everyone was on Facebook (including Jason). J and I reconnected as friends. I suggested that the next time he came home to visit he and I go out for a drink. An important note here is he only came home once a year usually, at Christmas. He drove to town on his next off day to take me out. We then continued to travel back on forth on our off days for the next 2 months. I applied for teacher positions from East TN to Middle TN. This is where fate stepped in. I must have applied to 50 school districts and I only got one phone call from one school. It was a school in Cookeville, where J was. I drove out for the interview and walked out with the job. So I packed up and moved to Cookeville at the end of July 2007. It certainly made our relationship easier to be in one town. At Thanksgiving that year he asked my parents for permission to marry me (isn't he the sweetest!). On New Year's Eve he proposed in chocolate sauce at the Melting Pot in Nashville! We were married in July 2008. Got our first child Cooper (he is a Morkie) in February February 2009, had our son April 2010, and our daughter November 2011. We moved back to East Tennessee after we had our son. It is the perfect family!
When we started dating he bought tickets for my parents and us to go to the Alabama vs. Vanderbilt game at Vanderbilt. That is how he won my dad over. We are huge Bama fans. RTR!!!

This is how he proposed. He had the waiter carry out the ring on this "dessert" plate! It was like a movie!

This is a picture from our wedding. We had the reception at a golf course and took pictures out there. It was the same golf course Hubby and his Groomsmen played at that morning (he included my dad in that too, I am a daddy's girl so them being friends means a lot to me!!).
Our Family Photo Session when Carter was 7 months old.

Our first family photo after Little Sissy was born. She is just a few hours old and Little Man is exactly 19 months old. 

I hope you enjoyed reading our story and I would love to read yours so link up over at Buzzing with Ms. B!


vicky1970 said...

Hi there,
Beautiful pictures! So glad I found you. I'm your newest follower.
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Ms. Chrissy B said...

Those are nice pictures! How funny that everything worked out to bring you together!
Thanks for linking up and sharing your story!
Buzzing with Ms. B

Markeeta said...

Thank you for the kind comments about our pictures!

Laura said...

Precious story and blog! Just found you and followed! Can't wait to look around! Come visit soon!

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