Friday, February 3, 2012

Clutter Free Classroom Project Week 5

This week's topic is storage containers!!! YAY!!! If you love storage containers like I do then hop on over to the Clutter Free Classroom Project and join in!

This week we were supposed to pick our favorite storage container and post it. So my favorite is my newest. You need a little background on it though. A few weeks ago the kindergarten teachers asked PTA to buy us kidney shaped tables (actually it was horseshoe, but there was a huge drama with that!!). They agreed and so our tables are on their way. Then last week our topic was our teacher area. As I went in to clean it out I though, I don't need this massive piece of furniture. A small desk for my computer would be just fine. After that I was determined to remove my desk. While hanging out on Pinterest I discovered a fun way to organize desk supplies and my new favorite storage container was born!! Here it is:

It is 39 wonderful drawers. 30 little and 9 big. I made labels for every drawer. It holds all my office supplies like tape, staples, brads, push pins, and highlighters. I even made blank labels for the empty drawers so all the fronts look the same. It would drive me crazy  to have empty fronts!!

I can't wait to see all the other great storage containers!!!


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the drawer chest? it looks larger than some tool/screw organizers I've seen.

Markeeta said...

It came from Lowes for $20.00!

JJ's Guide2Math said...

Girl, I'm in love! I've been looking for something that I can replace my old mailbox that I don't really use anymore. This would definitely help me get rid of the rest of my clutter in my desk, even after cleaning out and trowing away. I'm proud to say that I'm going to share this idea. I can't wait to work on this project.
What a great idea, kudos to you!

SweetP said...

I need to buy stock or get a job with Lowe's and Target. I love your storage container. It's on my wishlist.

Jenny K said...

If you are looking for the name of this, I think I found it -

(it's more expensive, tho) :(

Markeeta said...

I know Lowe's prices really vary across the country. That is why they don't do online pricing without your zip code. So if you live near Northeast TN-Southwest VA then I can tell you it is 19.99, but any where else I have no idea