Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sharing Saturday

Well it is Saturday again, and I did not manage to post anything all week. I keep hoping it will get better and I will be able to do other things besides work and lay down half dead. I thought this week was going to get better then it just didn't. I also didn't get as many pictures this week as I wanted. Next week won't be any better. It is only a 3 day week, with Parent/Teacher Conferences Thursday and an Inservice Friday! So on this wonderful 3 day week the powers that be decided the Kindergarten county wide meeting should be Tuesday. So on this short week I have to be gone one of those days. It will be insanity. Anyway....

This week we did Max Takes The Train and talked transportation. We also started rotating through our stations (without help from me!). I think they are ready for me to start pulling groups. I will wait until after our 3 day week though. I also have some before pictures of my classroom to share with you. I plan on doing the after pics on PT Conference Day.

Anchor Charts

Our New Little Friend

Literacy Stations

Before Pictures of My Classroom

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