Saturday, September 15, 2012


Wow, not counting last nights quickie post from my Ipad, it has been forever since I have posted. I have a ton I want to post about. Eventually I plan to post pictures of my classroom from this year. I have been working on a Red and Black Theme. The room turned out looking great (at least in my opinion). With two little ones I don't put a lot of money in my classroom, and we don't get a lot of classroom money. So some of the stuff I am changing a little at a time. I also made (had some one much craftier than me make) some crate seats. My K team and I begged the milk company to give us black crates for free. That ended up being an ordeal but I will make a whole post about that! So there are two up coming posts for you to wait on! Today I thought I would do a peek at my week in pictures! These are some of the things we did this week. I hope to do this each week, but I can't promise anything this year. That leads me into my explanation as to why it took so long for my to post. It has been a rough start to the year. This class is a very large mix of super strong personalities. They are all so sweet, they just don't mesh well together. We have a class motto this year and it is proving difficult to learn (learn to do, not say!). Our motto is "I worry about me!". We need this because some of my friends need a different teaching method or behavior plan than the others, and in kindergarten they just don't understand life isn't fair. We are getting there, it is just a slow process. Anyway enough about that, on to my week.  Hope you like it!!!

That's what I got this week. We did a lot more, but I was out two days with a stomach virus, so no pictures!!!

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