Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reading Loft: Before and After

My reading loft is almost finished. I have just a few things left to do, such as place books of the month on the little shelf, put my listening books and  tapes up, and decide how to decorate the walls. That I am looking for help with. I would love suggestions for what to put on the walls. I want something that won't be to distracting or overstimulating, since this should be  a quiet center. Here are some before and after pictures, let me know what you think!
These are the before pictures. As you can see the loft was a storage area.

This is the bean bag I have added for independent reading, plus you can see the corner of my little bookshelf. I plan to use this for the Author of the Month books.

This is look from the top of the steps straight ahead. In this picture you can see the big book holder, and another bookshelf of choice books. There is also a table. I have 1 chair at this table already, but I bought 2 chairs at a garage sale for $1 and my husband spray painted them for me, so they will be at  this table for buddy reading. Beside the bookshelf is a little rocking chair for independent reading.

In this picture you see the table for the listening center with 3 chairs. In the corner I have a basket of the PVC pipes for the kids to read into. I also have a shelf with puzzles (both floor puzzles and small puzzles). This will be used as a indoor recess center when needed. I thought puzzles would be a good quiet center so that the loft is ALWAYS a quiet area even during recess.

I am very excited about the loft and I am looking forward to using it. I am a little nervous about the management of it since I have never had one before. If anyone has suggestions for me please leave a comment. I would love to hear what others think!

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