Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Beginning

Starting this blog has been a goal of mine for a while now. I use the Internet constantly looking for ideas in my classroom and I just feel like I need a place to share ideas I have and links where I find other good ones. I hope this is helpful to anyone that reads it. I thought with this first blog I would just share about my career. I have become a master of short term room setups. I got my first job five years ago teaching 3rd grade 3 hours away from where I lived. I was hired on a Thursday, found a place to live on Friday, moved Saturday and teachers started back to work Monday! It was one crazy week of getting setup and ready. The next year I stayed in the same room and grade (that has yet to happen again!) My third year teaching I was moved to a new room teaching 1st grade. The problem with this was our school was being remodeled and I had no access to my room until two weeks before school started and I was pregnant!that was an adventure. After that year of teaching and having our first child my husband and I decided to move back home. He transferred in his job and I applied to local school systems. I was hired to teach 1st grade one week before teachers returned to school. The very next day I was moved to 4th grade, so I began preparing that room. When it was almost ready I found out I was being put back in 1st grade due to numbers. So I began preparing that room, only to find out the positions at that school were cut due to funding and numbers and I was going to teach Kindergarten at another school. Again it was one crazy week of getting setup and ready! At the end of this school year we found out we are having another baby and I felt pretty good about coming back to the same school, numbers seemed like they would be about the same. Unfortunately the numbers dropped over the summer and I received a phone call that I was being moved to another school, but still teaching Kindergarten. I will have a little over a month to prepare this classroom, which is the longest amount of time ever! It is a good thing I like challenges! I have had lots of help from my husband, mom, and dad in preparing so far, plus lots of support from the faculty at both my last school and my new one. I have been fortunate to always work with the best people! In my next few posts I will give pictures of my new classroom before, during, and after pictures! I will try to describe my classroom management plans I have used and what I want to try this year.

Teaching is an adventure every day, and I love it!

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