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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Oily Plan

One of our big struggles with C is sleep! He HATES it! He doesn't want to stop, no matter how tired he is! This causes many meltdowns at night, frequent nights up past midnight, only to wake up by 6:30 the next morning! He can do it, but this mommy was STRUGGLING!!! I knew we had to do something about this sleep issue, so I went to our doctor! The doctor said MEDICINE! We were looking at the very least melatonin and possibly something stronger!!!!!! I have had kids in my class that have used melatonin, one with some complications. I am not sure why but this makes me nervous and I JUST DON'T WANT TO!!!!! So now what?!?!?!

Well I had to come up with a new plan! It started with 2 weeks of SNOW!! Okay so I didn't plan that but it gave me LOTS of time where I couldn't leave my house, where we had no structure, no therapy, no school. We did have time for computer research and LOTS of play!!!! So the kids played, all day, and I worked on my Jamberry business and spent lots of time on Pinterest! During those two weeks C did not nap, not one single day and every night we were asleep before midnight, yes that meant 11:59 some nights, but that is before midnight and I will take that over 2 AM anytime!!!! That was step one of the new plan NO MORE NAPS!!!! Step two has been in the works for some time. A few months back I was at a vendor event and met a Doterra rep (please keep in mind I am not using Doterra or YoungLiving and so this is not an advertisement for either!!!). She gave me a blend called Peaceful Child (Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Frankincense, and Clary Sage)  I would put it on his neck when a meltdown would start and the results were AMAZING!!! He would be calm in just minutes, but being me I started researching and discovered this was a STRONG blend! I never like to start with STRONG! He is only 4 and if we do STRONG now then where will we be in a couple of years?!?!?! My dad use to be in the spa industry, his company sold essential oils (before they were huge in the direct sales industry and everyone was using them!) He reached out to the distributer they used, who connected me to an expert. She and I exchanged several emails and she gave me lots of suggestions for things to use! Sleep was the top of my list!! So I placed my order, took a little while to get here, since they are in England, but it arrived yesterday!!

So last night I placed two drops of Roman Chamomile into warm milk and then poured the milk into his bath water. Now bath time is never good for us and last night was no real exception, but improved bath time was not my goal! Now he has not been napping much (they still have naptime at school so he just rests, but does not sleep unless they just can' keep him up, an then only let him sleep a little less than an hour) and yesterday there was no nap. After a day of no nap and our new Chamomile bath he was in bed at 9:30!!!!! Holy WOW!!!!!! And here is the best news, frequently when we are in bed this early it is because of no nap and he wakes up at 3 AM, not last night! I woke him at 6:45 for his medicine and to get ready for school!!!

Today I am mixing my new version, or my own version of Peaceful Child. It is a mix suggested by the oil expert. I will be mixing Frakincense, Mandarin, and  Benzion with a coconut oil carrier. I am going today to get roller bottles so I can put this on his feet and neck.

I am excited to see how this goes. I will let you know both about our bath time mix and meltdown mix! Check out all the links at the end of this post, as I said I don't use Doterra or Youngliving, but know LOTS of people that do so feel free to follow my journey and use your favorite brand!



Absolute Aromas -- This is the one I am using, so all my results can be directly attributed to this company.

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clairesgarden said...

I'm just blog surfing but I thought this was a really good post. I much prefer natural oils over a 'medicine' any day. well done you for the research and giving it a try