Friday, December 26, 2014

Come on 2015

 I am ready for 2015 and here is why!!!!
One thing I have learned over the last year is I must have a PLAN and stick to it! I also have to write down EVERYTHING!!!! One of my biggest stresses were "surprise" appointments. They weren't really surprises I just had forgotten about them. With a child with special needs and seizure disorder and another child with trouble with her kidneys, and two jobs I have A LOT of appointments. C has a case manager from the state, two therapists, school, three doctors, and just general 4 year old stuff. E has two doctors, school, and general 3 year old stuff. I have faculty meetings, conferences, IEPs, Then with Jamberry I have parties, vendor events, and deliveries. Last year I just a Mead planner I got at Target. It had a two page spread for each month and a bunch of note pages in the back. I made it work but it would get cluttered and the boxes were to small for all I needed. See!!!
You can see this was a mess! Drove me crazy and even though we weren't missing things or as surprised I was still struggling a little with it!! I knew I would need a better planner so the research began!! I watched YouTube videos, read blog posts, and searched Pinterest. I had no idea all the people who blog about their planners, how they plan each week and the decoration! I don't think I can get that into my planner because I don't have time to decorate really, but I do plan to start including my planning on my blog. All my research led me here...
Now I am not Mormon, so I purchased the non-Mormon version and it is perfect. There are a ton of extras in the planner and I will go through them in planning posts in the future for today I just want to share the basic planning pages I will be using. You can see we have already started adding stuff in 2015!! 
Monthly spreed is two pages with a notes column on the side and the next two months in small boxes. The boxes are a good size. I plan to use this for quick adds. Basic information about appointments, then I will transfer them to the weekly spread with more details! (And yes I color code my planners, I am green, my husband is blue, C is orange, E is pink, School is red, Jamberry is purple and anything else is black) 

This is the weekly spread. Check out the up close of each side for more info!

The Sunday-Tuesday side. There are a couple of empty boxes at the top for quotes, reminders, big dates really whatever you want) There is also a section called "It's the everyday things" This is a check box where you can check off things you need to do daily. Meditation is already listed. I have added dishes and water, and still have one more section.
Down the side there are two list sections, both with blank headings! Each day is divided into three sections. I am choosing to use these as Family, School, Jamberry. Although this may change since C has the most appointments of all of us! The bottom has a whole other section, in most planners this would probably be labeled as meal planning. That is one of the things I LOVE about this planner there are a lot of ways to customize it. No  heading is filled in, it is all up to you!

This is the Wednesday-Saturday side. The only difference is at the top it has a Remember This box and a Note To Self box!  

In case you can't tell I am LOVING my new planner!! I look forward to sharing with you the rest of the great stuff in it and all the ways I use it! 

Share with me your favorite planner in the comments! 

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