Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wise Decor winner and review

How perfect is it that my Wise Decor arrived on Friday (the day before the giveaway ends) and I had a chance to put it up for this post! Let me say putting it up was pretty simple. It came with directions, but I was doing it by myself and it was rather large, so I didn't really follow them! It still went up perfectly. I was so excited to see it up. I picked a Christopher Robin quote for my little boy's sensory room. I really loved all the things for the classroom, but I just don't know how long I will stay at my current school with my son being in a whole other state. If you aren't the lucky winner this is totally worth it so check it out at Wise Decor.
 This is it on the wall. It is very large and looks absolutely amazing.

I took this one hoping to show the scale better, but my room in kinda skinny and I couldn't get far enough back with my phone for you to see the whole wall. But there is about 3 feet on either side of the wall art.  It is close to 5 ft across.

Okay now on to what you have been waiting for the winner of the giveaway!
Congrats! Expect an email from Wise Decor soon, also let me know what one item from my store you would like!

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Laura Starnes said...

Yay! Thanks Markeeta!! I'm excited!