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I am the mother to two wonderful children. C is 5 and has severe autism and seizure disorder. E is 4 and has I want to mother everyone disorder. I have been married 7 years and teaching 9. We have a pet dog named Cooper and a service dog named Happy for C.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Funny Moment

This past week we were learning our numbers 0-5. I was talking the kids through writing a number 5. I told them to draw a line from the top to middle, give it a belly from middle to bottom then put a hat on him. One of my little boys looked down at his 5 and back up at me several times. Then he said Mrs. Gillenwater is the 5 pregnant cause it kinda looks like you if you had on a hat! It was so funny, but after he said that and we talked about how the five looked like me all of my kids could write the number 5. I told my assistant that I would have to get one of those pregnancy pillows from the Motherhood Maternity dressing room to teach writing the number five every year!

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